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Larry Keast

Venturetech, LP

6901 Alabonson Road
Houston, Texas 77088
office 713-895-8700
cell 713-702-1621
Member since 2001

Larry started Venturetech in his garage in 1980.  Today his company is a leading manufacturer of power swivels and top drives. These diesel-hydraulic machines are used for drilling oil and gas wells around the world.  The largest model is the XK-250TD top drive, rated at 35,000 ft-lbs drilling torque and capable of supporting 250 tons of drill pipe in a hole two miles deep.  The company employs over 50 people and owns a 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility on 11 acres.  Among his duties as President & CEO, Larry is also the inventor and chief engineer, with eighteen patents so far. (See www.venturetechnet.com).

Larry has also been giving back to the community for years, and considers this work an important part of his life. For many years, Venturetech has been hiring people in recovery from drugs & alcohol, ex-offenders of our legal system, and old folks.  Today, at least a third of the employees are from these backgrounds, and they are some of the company’s best people.  Our most senior person is a machine designer who is 85 years old.  As a result of this success, Larry founded America in Recovery (www.americainrecovery.org), a non-profit which provides free hiring websites, allowing small businesses nationwide to replicate Venturetech’s success by hiring people they believe deserve a chance.

Larry and Zandra have been married 45 years, and have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

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